2016 is a pivotal year for change and unpredictable events. We are already witnessing it with the advent of two mavericks, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump vying for the US presidency.

In the month of May, the energy of Mars is particularly strong. Some of the things that fall under the domain of Mars are energy and vitality, strength, endurance, ambition, desire, courage, independence, disagreements and arguments, conflict, anger, war, the military, weapons, siblings and technical things. On February 21st, Mars went into its own sign, Scorpio, where Saturn has been transiting since November 2014. The energies of Mars and Saturn when combined can bring the capacity for hard work but their characters are fundamentally different. Mars is impatient, adventurous, and wants things done fast. Saturn on the contrary is slow, methodical, process-oriented, and cautious. Guess what this combination leads to? Frustration!

Furthermore on March 25th Saturn turned retrograde and on April 17th, Mars joined in this retrogression. Saturn will turn direct on August 13th and Mars on June 29th. When planets become retrograde, they seem to be going backward in a sign. This is an optical illusion caused by planets getting closer to the earth. It makes us experience their inherent qualities in a stronger way for better or for worse. In this instance, Mars can exhibit more strongly the desire for change and qualities of anger and impatience, and Saturn, the planet that rules over obstacles, limitations, challenges, delays, perseverance, and the need for patience will want us to slow down so that we can better structure our plans. We might find that our projects come with many starts and stops and that nothing really flows easily. We might find the nature of relationships becoming passive/aggressive and in general feel ourselves getting more easily frustrated.

The lengthy conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, the sign of change, transformation, and upheaval, can lead to more tension and conflict on the world stage and unexpected events. Mistakes of the past would benefit from being revisited in an attempt to set them right.The best way to utilize these energies in our private lives is to cultivate patience and not react to circumstances when feeling impatient or angry, avoid arguments, and remain steadfast. While we might feel a compulsion to get things done right here and now, it would be best to bring some pause and think things through. It is also an excellent time to take care of things we have put on the back burner to set our affairs in order. We might have neglected taking care of certain important things and now they are pushing their agenda urgently under our nose. The possibilities of falls and accidents can be stronger during this time and we might be subject to fluctuations in our energy. Taking care of our health is important as Mars rules over vitality and Saturn over disease and longevity. Mars will change signs and go into Sagittarius on September 19th and Saturn will come out of Scorpio and go into Sagittarius on January 27, 2017.To make things more interesting, Mercury, the planet ruling over analysis and communication also went retrograde on April 28th and will not go direct until May 22. This can lead to over active thoughts and miscommunication. It would be wise to take some down time during the day to take a walk and clear our minds. With Mars and Mercury both retrograde, chances of technical errors or breakdowns can be heightened.Fortunately, Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion, optimism, knowledge, wisdom and good luck that was also retrograde since January 8th, went direct as of May 9th and we might now start actually pushing our ideas forward as opposed to procrastinating. Jupiter’s retrogression can be a time of frustration because we remain in the planning stages without implementing our concepts, or we might lack purpose. However, it is a necessary time to assess how well these plans speak to our inner truth.Venus, the planet of love, peace, diplomacy, beauty, and artistic expression is currently traveling very close to the Sun and as a result is combust until July 7th. During this time, Venus that is usually so bright will be hidden by the Sun’s rays and will not be easily perceptible. Venus and Mercury both move very close to the Sun, therefore their combustion is not unusual and should not be cause for alarm. Venus’s energy will be more inward and introspective. Depending on where Venus is in the horoscope, we could feel unappreciated and vulnerable emotionally, and less inclined to socializing. During this time, making efforts to show appreciation and love towards others will greatly improve relationships.


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