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In ancient times, eclipses were omens portending doom, because the light of the Sun or the Moon gets obscured. But what do eclipses signify in astrology? Generally, eclipses are indications of change for good or bad. On a personal level, sometimes these changes are very subtle and on an inner level; at other times, they are fully felt as transformative. In a natal chart, eclipses have an influence when they fall over a person’s rising sign, Moon or Sun as well as any planet that is within 5⁰ of the eclipse. It is important to look at which houses those planets rule as the significations of those houses will also get affected. It is best if possible not to embark on trips or any major enterprises three days before and three days after an eclipse. The effect of a solar eclipse is longer than a lunar and depends on the length of the eclipse itself.


On September 1, 2016, we will have an annular solar eclipse in the sign of Leo representing rulers. Interestingly this eclipse falls on aspiring ruler Donald Trump’s rising sign. On September 16, we will experience a penumbral lunar eclipse in the tail end of the sign of Aquarius, almost exactly conjunct Hillary Clinton’s Moon. It will be interesting to observe if these effects will have repercussions on either or both presidential candidates.


The solar eclipse takes place in the nakshatra (star) of Purva Phalguni which symbolizes conjugal relations, procreation and creativity. Its deity is Bhaga, the God of wealth and therefore, it is best to avoid major financial transactions, as well as any major decisions relating to matrimony during this time. It is however, a good time for inner reflection and spiritual practice. The lunar eclipse which takes place in the star of Purva Bhadrapada is symbolized by a funeral cot. Although this might appear ominous and negative, it symbolizes higher awareness. It is an excellent time for meditation, especially on the transient nature of life.



In the meantime, Mercury is retrograde until September 22nd. Therefore, we could experience a hyperactive mind, jumping ahead of ourselves. It could affect communication, paying attention to details, and the processing of information. Being vigilant regarding all the above is therefore advised.

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