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In the Western world, we prefer the notion that we have free will and are the creators of our destiny. In the East however, the notion of fate is very strong. How does Vedic astrology reconcile these two notions?

Vedic astrology or Jyotish as it is called in Sanskrit, is the science of tracking the movements of astronomical bodies and making predictions based on these movements. It is one of the six ancient Vedangas, or auxiliary sciences connected with the Hindu scriptures, the Vedas. In ancient times, Jyotish was primarily used for selecting auspicious times for Vedic rituals. It included the study of astronomy, astrology, the art of prediction and good timing. Jyotish comes from the word Jyoti which means divine light, referring to the sun, moon, and heavenly bodies. Thus, it is the “science of light” that sheds understanding on our life path based on our karmas, as depicted by the planets and the stars.

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