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Find your Vedic Sun Sign

Date of Birth Sign
April 13th-May 14th Aries
May 15th-June 14th Taurus
June 15th-July 14th Gemini
July 14th-Aug 14th Cancer
Aug 15th-Sept 15th Leo
Sept 16th-Oct 15th Virgo
Oct 16th-Nov 14th Libra
Nov 15th-Dec 14th Scorpio
Dec 15th – Jan 13th Sagittarius
Jan 14th-Feb 12th Capricorn
Feb 13th-Mar 12th Aquarius
Mar13th-April 12th Pisces
Vedic Astrology gives special importance to the Moon sign, the Fixed Star Groups (nakshatras) and the Ascendant (rising sign or lagna)
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