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May 3, 2016

“Having Yatrika read your chart for the first time is an amazing experience. How could she know so much about you ?!! I have referred her to many close friends and family who have in turn referred her to others. The verdict is clear. She is skillful, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable — she is a Master Astrologer.

I have been a consistent client of Yatrika’s for over 10 years. Left brain inclined, I am a natural skeptic of anything I can not personally explain. Astrology was one of them. But what makes Yatrika special and very different from others is her scholarly and meticulous approach to the most esoteric of subjects — the first grounded, very rational astrologer with profound spiritual beliefs yet a strong logical mind who can skillfully put things in context with your life path and heart’s desire.

She will explain things in a way to make your lifeline clear. WHAT makes us tick a certain way. Why do we attract certain things and not others. Why is there a disconnect between what we say we want in life and what we actually have. Are these things random ? The answer is within us and a good astrologer can take a peep inside to decipher the REASONS . Yatrika is such a person.

I have been recording her readings and every year on my birthday I review the year’s events and compare them to the reading from the previous year. The correlation is undeniable. It is about trends and energies that come in waves to give us a launching pad towards our goals. The choices become more clear. What to push for and what to avert. We are always agents of change in our lives; but a good astrologer like Yatrika can be an incredible ally in helping to identify and leverage our spiritual, emotional and intellectual assets for a more harmonious life.

I recommend her highly to anyone who seeks to know more about themselves and to those with an open mind who have no qualms in reaching out to new avenues of learning and understanding. Who knows. You might end up solving long lost puzzles to which you have been looking for answers.”  Firouzeh Afsharnia, Los Angeles, CA

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