“Yatrika is a consummate professional. Her extensive knowledge combined with extraordinary personal care make for effective sessions and productive outcomes. I cannot recommend her enough.” L.C. Denver, CO

“Having Yatrika read your chart for the first time is an amazing experience. How could she know so much about you ?!! I have referred her to many close friends and family who have in turn referred her to others. The verdict is clear. She is skillful, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable — she is a Master Astrologer.

I have been a consistent client of Yatrika’s for over 10 years. Left brain inclined, I am a natural skeptic of anything I can not personally explain. Astrology was one of them. But what makes Yatrika special and very different from others is her scholarly and meticulous approach to the most esoteric of subjects — the first grounded, very rational astrologer with profound spiritual beliefs yet a strong logical mind who can skillfully put things in context with your life path and heart’s desire.

She will explain things in a way to make your lifeline clear. WHAT makes us tick a certain way. Why do we attract certain things and not others. Why is there a disconnect between what we say we want in life and what we actually have. Are these things random ? The answer is within us and a good astrologer can take a peep inside to decipher the REASONS . Yatrika is such a person.

I have been recording her readings and every year on my birthday I review the year’s events and compare them to the reading from the previous year. The correlation is undeniable. It is about trends and energies that come in waves to give us a launching pad towards our goals. The choices become more clear. What to push for and what to avert. We are always agents of change in our lives; but a good astrologer like Yatrika can be an incredible ally in helping to identify and leverage our spiritual, emotional and intellectual assets for a more harmonious life.

I recommend her highly to anyone who seeks to know more about themselves and to those with an open mind who have no qualms in reaching out to new avenues of learning and understanding. Who knows. You might end up solving long lost puzzles to which you have been looking for answers.”  Firouzeh Afsharnia, Los Angeles, CA

“I have had my chart done many times. Several people have questioned my birth time but no one just told me it wasn’t right and then rectified it till it was. Yatrika did just that and with the time she provided looking at important dates in my life she proved to be totally accurate. She had never met either of my children but through my chart she expressed traits that were so them. To say Yatrika is good is a massive understatement. She is A GREAT Vedic astrologer.”  Gurutej Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

“Yatrika’s classes are creative, engaging and thorough. She has a clear and easy way of teaching Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) . She is very knowledgeable and has great insight into reading charts and sharing her extensive understanding of  Vedic Astrology. Her readings are to the point, offering guidance and  perspective in life events. I am fortunate to have been studying with her for the past 5 years and she is a wise, skillful  and spiritual Jyotishi and Ayurveda mentor.

Yatrika, I am eternally grateful to you for inspiring and  helping me start my  journey in Jyotish. It has been a wonderful experience!”
Ana Magno

"I have been a client of Yatrika for over 10 years, and I have always found my consultations with her to be very accurate and insightful. While I have consulted with quite a few different astrologers over the past 30 years, I have found Yatrika to be the most helpful in providing me with greater clarity and understanding during times of confusion or transition, or when I need to make important life decisions. She is not only great at helping you gain personal insight but also explaining the theme or meaning of each transit in your chart, what to focus on in order to learn from each period, and how to maximize the beneficial aspects and reduce any negative aspects. I have referred many people to her over the years, and they have always given me positive feedback and said that Yatrika provided them with a greater level of insight and understanding into themselves, their relationships, past and current life events, and what to pay attention to in order to create positive transformation in life. Working with a skilled astrologer like Yatrika is like being given a blue-print for your life, which enables you to navigate the challenges along the way, get the most out of your life, and live to your fullest potential." J.B.

“I have been consulting Yatrika for progressed readings for several years. Yatrika possesses an extensive knowledge of Vedic astrology and a profound and loving connection to the Universe and her clients that allow her to produce very detailed and immensely helpful readings. Each time we speak, I am impressed by her attention to detail and the warmth and care with which she produces and explains her readings. I am blessed to have found Yatrika, and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a meaningful exploration of their life journey through the wisdom of Vedic astrology.” Gananatha Subrahmanyam, PhD, Ottawa, Canada

Yatrika's readings have been helpful to me every single time. She's helped me gain clarity, understanding and motivation in my career and in relationships. I appreciate how she takes time to explain the meaning of my chart as well as translate it into practical everyday terms. I'll continue to trust and use her services well into the future. Jason

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